1. If the product that I ordered did not arrive within estimated processing and shipping time, what can I do? Please email us at thel.cheforange@gmail.com and inform us that you have not received the products yet. We can either refund to you the full amount or ship another product to you at your preference.

2. When I order products, will you give me tracking number? Yes, you will receive shipping confirmation letter with a tracking number in it.

3. I ordered two different products, why did I not receive them at the same time? We have different distribution channels, hence, you may not receive all orders at the same time.

4. When can refunds be issued?

Refunds are being issued for the following cases:
- The wrong item was received (evidence is needed).
- The package has arrived in a damaged condition (evidence is needed).
- The item arrived in extremely poor quality (evidence is needed).
- The order went missing.
- The estimated delivery time has expired.

Please email us at thel.cheforange@gmail.com.